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Home > Product List > 6 Bladed EDF Ducted Fan Unit 50xH28mm

Overview >>
Please note that due to customer requests we no longer supply these fans with a shaft. The price has been deducted from the fan and you can now choose your own to match with the motor of your choice.

6 Bladed EDF Ducted Fan Unit 1.97” / 50xH28mm

Model: HY003-00102-6B
Blade Dia: 50mm
Blade No: 6
Made from high strength reinforced plastic.
Motor diameter: 19mm max
Weight: 12g
Length: 28mm Recommended Setup

KDA 20-30 24S
KDA 20-30 19S

See below for choice of shaft (not included)

EDF Model 2mm Shaft 2.3mm Shaft 3mm Shaft 3.17mm Shaft 4mm Shaft 5mm Shaft 6mm Shaft
HY003-00101-3B HY003-00101-3S (2mm)            
HY003-00102-6B HY003-00102-6S (2mm)            
HY003-00103-6B   003-00103-6S (2mm)   HY003-00103-6S(3.17mm)      
HY003-00104-6B   HY003-00104-6S (2.3mm)   3.17mm / 003-00104-6S (3.17mm)      
HY003-00105-5B     3mm /003-00105B (3mm) 003-00105-5B (3.17mm)   003-00105-5S (3.17mm)  
HY003-00106-5B   2.3mm / 003-00106B (2.3mm)   003-00106B (3.17mm) 003-00106B (4mm)    
HY003-00107-6B   2.3mm / 003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm)       003-00107 (5mm)  
HY003-00107-7B   2.3mm / 003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm)       003-00107 (5mm)  
HY003-00108-7B   003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm) HY003-00108-7S(3mm)        
HY003-00109-7B           HY003-00109-7S(5mm)  
HY003-00110-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00111-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00112-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00113-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)

Other products related to your EDF:

EDF Shaft for HY003-00103-6B (2mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00104-6B (2.3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00104-6B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00105-5B (3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00105-5B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (4mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (2.3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00107 (5mm)

Speed Controllers
Lipo Batteries

Finally before buying a motor or EDF make sure you have read The Terms and Conditions regarding EDF / motor usage and their warranty.

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