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Home > Product List > 2s-4s Low Voltage Double Lipo Alarm

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Very light weight and loud warning, good to carry on flight to warn against low voltage LiPo cells
Warning beep up to 95dB if any cell voltage drops below 3.3V
Green and red light indicator
For 2s-4s cell - 7.4v / 11.1v / 14.8v RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage DOUBLE-Buzzer Alarm


Fits the balance charger plug in the battery
Each LiPo has a Minimun discharged voltage of 3.0V before damage occurs
Each LiPo cell = 3.7V (nominal) no matter how many cells are in parallel
Each LiPo cell has a Maximum charged voltage of 4.25V before damage, and Risk of Fire occurs
When any cell voltage drops < 3.3V, red lights up and beep sound emits. It can prevent your lipo battery damaged due to low voltage.
Size: 25mm (W) x 37mm (L) x 12mm (H)
Weight: 7g
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