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Home > Product List > Lander Metal Alloy DPS72-1A26 72mm EDF 2600kv REVERSE

Overview >>
Model no. Rotor size Cell No. Weight (total) Max rpm

Max power (10sec.)

Continuous power (1min) Motor (size) kv V A Thrust power upto Inner dia Outer dia ESC(timing)
LEDFDPS68-1A36 68mm 4S 238g 60,000 1000w 900w 2935 400kv 14.8v 66A 1.7kg 69mm 72mm Higher
LEDFDPS68R-1A36 68mm 4S 238g 60,000 1000w 900w 2935 4000kv 14.8v 66A 1.7kg 69mm 72mm Higher
LEDFDPS68-1A26 68mm 6S 268g 60,000 1280w 1150w 2940 2600kv 22.2v 56A 2.1kg 69mm 72mm Higher
LEDFDPS68R-1A26 68mm 6S 268g 60,000 1280w 1150w 2940 2600kv 22.2v 56A 2.1kg 69mm 72mm Higher
LEDFDPS72-1A26 72mm 6S 276g 60,000 1400w 1300w 2940 2600kv 22.2V 63A 2.25kg 72.6mm 74.4mm Higher
LEDFDPS76-1A21 76mm 6S 368g 50,000 2000w 1700w 3660 2120kv 22.2V 82A 2.8kg 78mm 82mm Higher
LEDFDPS76-1A18 76mm 6S 368g 50,000 1750w 1600w 3660 1800kv 22.2V 69A 2.64kg 78mm 82mm Higher
LEDFDPS90/2-1A19 90mm 6S 424g 42,000 1750w 1500w 3660 1900kv 22.2V 85A 3.2kg 86mm 94mm Higher
LEDFDPS90-1A13/9 90mm 9S 546g 43,000 2800w 2500w 4074 1300kv 33.3V 77A 4.2kg 86mm 94mm Medium
LEDFDPS90-1A13/10 90mm 10S 546g 45,000 3400w 3000w 4074 1300kv 37V 92A 4.9kg 86mm 94mm Medium
LEDFDPS120-1A10 120mm 12S 873g 42,000 5000w 4800w 4035 980kv 44.4V 110A 7kg 120mm 125mm Medium

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