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Home > Product List > 6 Bladed EDF Ducted Fan Unit 65xH58mm

Overview >>
Please note that due to customer requests we no longer supply these fans with a shaft. The price has been deducted from the fan and you can now choose your own to match with the motor of your choice.

6 Bladed EDF Ducted Fan Unit 2.56” / 65xH58mm

Model: HY003-00104-6B
Blade Dia: 65mm / 2.56"
Blade No: 6
Made from high strength reinforced plastic.
Motor diameter: 28mm max
Weight: 23g
Fan length:58mm
Suitable for 200-300 watts

Recommended Setup

Black Mantis BM2435 3600kv

See below for choice of shaft (not included)

EDF Model 2mm Shaft 2.3mm Shaft 3mm Shaft 3.17mm Shaft 4mm Shaft 5mm Shaft 6mm Shaft
HY003-00101-3B HY003-00101-3S (2mm)            
HY003-00102-6B HY003-00102-6S (2mm)            
HY003-00103-6B   003-00103-6S (2mm)   HY003-00103-6S(3.17mm)      
HY003-00104-6B   HY003-00104-6S (2.3mm)   3.17mm / 003-00104-6S (3.17mm)      
HY003-00105-5B     3mm /003-00105B (3mm) 003-00105-5B (3.17mm)   003-00105-5S (3.17mm)  
HY003-00106-5B   2.3mm / 003-00106B (2.3mm)   003-00106B (3.17mm) 003-00106B (4mm)    
HY003-00107-6B   2.3mm / 003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm)       003-00107 (5mm)  
HY003-00107-7B   2.3mm / 003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm)       003-00107 (5mm)  
HY003-00108-7B   003-00107 / 108 (2.3mm) HY003-00108-7S(3mm)        
HY003-00109-7B           HY003-00109-7S(5mm)  
HY003-00110-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00111-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00112-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)
HY003-00113-7B           003-0011X-7S (5mm) 003-0011X-7S (6mm)

Other products related to your EDF:

EDF Shaft for HY003-00103-6B (2mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00104-6B (2.3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00104-6B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00105-5B (3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00105-5B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (4mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (2.3mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00106B (3.17mm)
EDF Shaft for HY003-00107 (5mm)

Speed Controllers
Lipo Batteries

Finally before buying a motor or EDF make sure you have read The Terms and Conditions regarding EDF / motor usage and their warranty.

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