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Home > Product List > JR DMSS compatible 9ch receiver with satellite

Overview >>

MODEL: DM9310E and DM9310 –S

Receiver Specifications:
◆ Type: 9-Channel DMSS Receiver
◆ Modulation : DMSS
◆ Band: 2.4GHz
◆ DM9310E Dimensions (W x Lx H): 30x 50x 13mm
◆ DM9310-S Dimensions (W x Lx H): 22.6x 30.6x7mm ◆ Weight: 19g ◆ Voltage Range: 4-9.6v
◆ Antenna Length Main RX: 210mm * 4
◆ 9 channels
◆ Modulation : DMSS
◆ Band: 2.4GHz
◆ Compatibility DMSS: JR(XG6,XG7,XG8,XG11)
◆ Working Voltage: 3.6 – 9.6v
◆ an display real time return receiver voltage

Binding Procedure
The receiver first must be bind with the transmitter before it will operate.

1. Connect the battery ( or BEC/ ESC with BEC output) to and note the LED on the receiver should flashing, now, the receiver is on bind mode.

2. Power on the transmitter, and enter the BIND menu.(Checking manual of your transmitter, how to enter the BIND menu. )

3. Press the BIN button on the display. The system will connect within a few seconds, two connected , the LED on the DM9310E and dm9310-S receiver will go solid, indicating the system is connected.

4. Exiting from the BIND menu, and then setting the failsafe according the function of your transmitter. (Please check failsafe function of your transmitter)

Caution:-DO NOT stick or apply the receiver antenna to Carbon or Metal material directly, as it willdrastically reduce the operating range.

-For receivers with multi-antennas, it is recommended that each antenna be applied at 90 degrees to each other.

-For receivers with single antenna, please apply the antenna far away from any carbon, metal or electronic equipment as possible.

Note:-Make sure turning the transmitter first after binding when using your radio control system.

-Make sure setting failsafe after binding.
Package including:DM9310E AND DM9310 –S Receiver *1 pcs

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